iGoSyncDocs 2011 released, all welcome to use.

Before i start this post, i'd love to tell you a little thing about iGoSyncDocs. 

iGoSyncDocs is a Swing based desktop End-User Application that could access Google Docs Service from your computer. It's basic features provide an easy way to Create,Delete,Upload and Download document. The 'sync' function is now NOT yet finished, but i hope it could be done one day. 

Here's the first frame you saw when you start to use iGoSyncDocs.
Enter your Google account, password and just press Login button, you'd see a splash window notifying that iGoSyncDocs is connecting Google Docs Service. Remember account name like 'iGoSyncDocs' or 'iGoSyncDocs@gmail.com' are both fine. If you don't add '@gmail.com' after your account name, iGoSyncDocs will automatically add them. Before you start to login ,please be sure that your network is OK. For those areas and counties whose network is limited, like China, Iran,North Korea and so on, you have to modify your hosts file on window OS, or you should use VPN connection. iGoSyncDocs can NOT help you to break your network limits.  I planed to add a 'Break Through Function' at first, but give it up finally for some reason. For security concerns, iGoSyncDocs does NOT store neither your account nor your password locally. It is maybe not that convenient but worth.  

Next thing you'd see would be the main frame of iGoSyncDocs. 

A left click on item could see its details on right panel while right click could see all the operations. You could create new document, presentation and spreadsheet. Of course 'Upload' and 'Download' function are available for you and more importantly is that iGoSyncDocs support 'Batch-Upload' or 'Batch-Download'. 

By the way, iGoSyncDocs use a Synthetica Look And Feel . I'd like to give my sincere thanks to them, such a great team who have created a beautiful look and feel for my ugly swing application. Thank you guys very much. 

Swing, could be more beautiful actually. 

Download iGoSyncDocs 


  1. great!正在试用你的软件。 希望能认识你 :)

  2. cannot login through my credential, why.

    And Oauth login is strongly recommended :)

  3. I also wrote a similar tool : gdocsdrive.com , you can check it.